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2023-2024 Endicott College Academic Catalog 
2023-2024 Endicott College Academic Catalog

Appendix B: Tuition and Fees

Traditional Undergraduate

Payment Due Dates
First Semester:8/1/23
Second Semester: 1/5/24

Undergraduate Tuition Rates

First Semester: $19,156
Second Semester: $19,156
Annual: $38,312

Traditional-Room Only, Multiple Occupancy (please see other side for traditional hall names)
First Semester: $5,987
Second Semester: $5,987
Annual: $11,974

The Ledge/Farm House/Off-Campus Housing/Hawthorne/Modular Apartments
First Semester: $6,657
Second Semester: $6,657
Annual: $13,314

Suite Style Housing (please see other side for suite style hall names)
First Semester: $7,464
Second Semester: $7,464
Annual: $14,928

Woodside/Townhouse Singles
First Semester: $8,319
Second Semester: $8,319
Annual: $16,638

Semester Abroad and Distance Internship Housing (per semester)
First Semester: $6,958
Second Semester: $6,958

Single Room (additional cost to housing)
First Semester: $750
Second Semester: $750
Annual: $1,500

Max Meal Plan (open to all students)
First Semester: $2,699
Second Semester: $2,699
Annual: $5,398

Deluxe Meal Plan (open to all students)
First Semester: $2,699
Second Semester: $2,699
Annual: $5,398

Ten Meal Plan (open to juniors, seniors, and students living in apartments
or mods with kitchens)
First Semester: $2,450
Second Semester: $2,450
Annual: $4,900

Seven Meal Plan (open only to seniors with 91 or more earned credit hours)
First Semester: $1,662
Second Semester: $1,662
Annual: $3,324

Five Meal Plan (open only to commuters or students on full-semester internship)
First Semester: $1,316
Second Semester: $1,316
Annual: $2,632

ALL REQUESTS FOR MEAL PLAN CHANGES MUST BE MADE ONLINE AT: endicott.sodexomyway.com/my-meal-plan
Meal plan changes for Fall 2023 due: September 15, 2023. Meal plan changes for Spring 2024 due: February 9, 2024

Cost per credit hour $1,172 per credit
Cost per audit hour $225 per credit

Health Insurance
First Semester: $2,870
Annual: $2,870

General Curricular Fee, Full-Time
First Semester: $450
Second Semester: $450
Annual: $900

General Curricular Fee, Part-Time
First Semester: $300
Second Semester: $300
Annual: $600

Nursing Clinical Course Fee (per semester)
First Semester: $175
Second Semester: $175
Annual: $350

Nurse Testing Fee
First Semester (Seniors): $450
First Semester (Juniors & Sophomores): $505
Second Semester (Seniors): $450
Second Semester (Juniors & Sophomores):$505


Hospitality Program Course Fees (HRT 315)
Annual: $75

Academic Coaching, Individual (two hours per week)
$875 additional hour per week/per semester
First Semester: $1,750
Second Semester: $1,750
Annual: $3,500

Overload Fee (cost per credit attempted): $1,172 per credit

Private Lesson Fee: $910 per credit/$455 per half credit

Late Payment Fee: $100

Returned Check Fee: $50

Campus Car Registration, Full-Time Resident Student: $400 per year

Campus Car Registration, Full-Time Commuter Student: $225 per year

Campus Car Registration, Part-Time Student: $150 per year

Room Change Fee: $50

Graduation Fee (associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree): $200

Study Abroad Fee (per semester): $500

Notes & Explanations of Charges

Enrollment/Continuation Deposit

New full-time, day division students are required to pay a $500 Enrollment/Continuation Deposit by May 1 for fall admission or by December 15 for spring admission. For new accepted students, the deposit initially reserves a place at the College. The Enrollment/Continuation Deposit is not interest bearing. It is non-refundable if the student fails to matriculate or if the student withdraws from the College. Once the student has matriculated at Endicott College, this one-time deposit allows the student to register each semester and participate in room selection each year with no additional deposits required for the entire period of enrollment. This deposit will be fully refunded (less any outstanding financial obligations) upon the student’s graduation. If a student requests a leave of absence, the deposit will serve as a reservation to return to the College. Part-time students are also required to pay the Enrollment/Continuation Deposit. The $500 deposit is credited toward tuition costs for the semester in which the part-time student matriculates. The deposit is not refundable if the student does not enroll. If a part-time student changes status to full-time, the student will be required to pay the deposit at the time the enrollment status is changed.


Traditional Halls: Alhambra, Bayview, Beacon, Brindle, Endicott, Frates, Hale, Hamilton, Marblehead, Reynolds, Rogers, Stoneridge, Trexler,
Wenham, and Winthrop.

Suite Style Halls: Birchmont, Cliff House, Essex, Gloucester, Hawthorne, Kennedy, Manchester, Myrt Harper Rose, Rockport, Standish, Tower, and Williston.

  1. Full day tuition is charged to day division students enrolled in 12 or more credit hours per semester. This includes the 12-credit semester internship, which may be taken in fall, spring, or summer. This also applies to students studying abroad for a semester, unless the tuition of the program abroad exceeds Endicott’s.
  2. Massachusetts Universal HealthCare Program requires all students with nine credit hours or more to have this coverage. This health insurance charge may be waived upon proof of comparable coverage and completion of the waiver form. This charge appears on the student’s first bill with a brochure explaining the coverage. The waiver form must be completed online by the published deadline or payment of the coverage will be required.
  3. The General Curricular Fee is charged to all undergraduate students and covers a variety of services and activities supporting academics, student life, residential life, and athletics at Endicott. The fee provides peer tutoring and Writing Center support services, Information Technology support, state-of-the-art computer labs, student activities including support of clubs and organizations, internet access, technology in the classrooms, intercollegiate athletics, and the shuttle transportation system connecting the campus with downtown Beverly, area malls, and the MBTA train station. The fee also provides students with access to the Raymond J. Bourque Ice Arena for open ice skating, recreation, and various non-ice activities, such as concerts, held at the facility.
  4. The overload fee applies to students carrying more than 18 credits per semester.
  5. Payment for semester tuition, room, and board charges is due by the due date listed at the top of the front page. A $100 late payment fee will be assessed to accounts not financially cleared by these dates.
  6. The Graduation Fee covers a variety of student activities associated with commencement, including degree audit, preparation of diploma, cap and gown, and graduation events and ceremonies.

Failure to meet payment dates for the above fees or other campus-related charges (i.e. telephone, library fees, parking fines, etc.) may result in the withholding of grades and transcripts or more stringent steps. It is the student’s responsibility to view his or her bill online and grant access to a parent or guardian to view the bill online. It is the student’s responsibility to be sure that the payment is made by the published due dates to avoid a $100 late fee. If the student’s account becomes delinquent, a report may be filed with a credit bureau, and the student will be responsible for all reasonable collection costs, including attorney’s fees and other charges necessary for the collection of the debt. It is the student’s responsibility to read and understand the fee schedule, due dates, and refund policy pertaining to withdrawals. Please note that a medical leave of absence is subject to the same refund policy as all other withdrawals.

Payment Plans

Endicott College provides an interest-free, debt-free way to spread tuition payments over a number of months through a private payment plan provider. The payment plan is not a loan, so there are no interest payments, only a low enrollment fee. Visit endicott.edu/e-bill, then select “Payment Plans” from the menu options and follow the instructions to enroll.

 Graduate and Professional Studies Programs

2023-24 Graduate & Professional Studies Fee Schedule

Undergraduate degree application fee (non-refundable): $25

Undergraduate registration fee: $25 Undergraduate degree (per credit hour): $416

ESL levels 0, 1, 2, 3 (per credit hour): 150

ESL levels 4 & 5 (per credit hour): $416

PLA assessment fee (in addition to PLA tuition: $875

Day school audit fee (per credit hour): $676

Day school part-time curricular fee (per semester): $300

Day school tuition rate (per credit hour): $1,172

Accelerated Bachelor in Nursing (ABSN) (per credit hour): $1,125

Van Loan School audit fee for undergraduate course: $232
Day school audit fee (three-credit course):  $696


Master’s degree application fee* (non-refundable): $50

M.Ed. (per credit hour: $570

MBA part time online (per credit hour): $985

MBA per credit hour (full time 5th year): $850

M.S. in Sports Leadership (per credit hour): $579

M.S. in Athletic Training (per credit hour): $764

M.S. in Information Technology (per credit hour): $853

M.S. in Homeland Security (per credit hour: $809

M.S. in Nursing (per credit hour): $896

FNP Clinical course fee: $530

M.S. in Healthcare Management (per credit hour): $853

M.S. in Organizational Behavior & Learning (per credit hour): $570

M.S. in Reading & Literacy (per credit hour): $570

M.A. in Interior Architecture (per credit hour): $875

Autism courses (per credit hour): $662

M.S. in Applied Behavior Analysis (per credit hour): $662

Applied Behavior Analysis tool fee: $1,000

Graduate audit fee (three-credit course):  $300

*Application fee waived for Endicott alumni and veteran and military personnel.


Certificate Programs
Certificate application fee* (non-refundable): $50

Autism (per credit hour): $662

 Board Certified Behavior Analyst (per credit hour):  $662

International Education Administration (per credit hour): $570

Nursing (per credit hour): $896

Online Teaching & Learning (per credit hour): $570

Social Justice in Education (per credit hour): $570

Social/Emotional Development (per credit hour): $570

Applied Behavior (per credit hour): $662

Elementary Education. (per credit hour) $570

Secondary Education. (per credit hour) $570

Special Ed Moderate Disabilities (per credit hour) $570

Special Ed Severe Disabilities (per credit hour) $570

Childhood Clinical Disorders (per credit hour) $662

Mental Health (per credit hour) $662

Organizational Behavior Management $662 Pathway for Practicum Special Ed PreK-8 (per credit hour) $570

Pathway for Practicum Special Ed 5-12 (per credit hour) $570

Coaching (per credit hour) $570

Cybersecurity (per credit hour) $808

Mini Masters/Business Graduate (per credit hour) $816

*Application fee waived for Endicott alumni and veteran and military personnel.



Doctoral degree application fee* (non-refundable): $50

Ed.D. fee per semester (per credit hour):  $960

Ed.D.& Ph.D. course fee per semester: $420

Non-matriculated fee for singular three-credit Ed.D. course: $2,880

Non-matriculated fee for singular three-credit Ed.D. course curricular fee: $420

Doctor of Nursing Practice (per credit hour):  $1,000

 Doctoral dissertation continuation fee: $1,655

Non-matriculated fee for a singular three-credit Ph.D. in Nursing course: $3,076

Non-matriculated fee for a singular three-credit Ph.D. in ABA course: $3,688

Ph.D. in Nursing per semester: $6,210

Ph.D. in ABA per semester: $7,376

*Application fee waived for Endicott alumni and veteran and military personnel.


Other Fees

Official transcript fee (each): $6

Endicott employee registration fee per course: $25

Late registration/late payment fee: $50

Returned check fee: $50

Graduation fee: $200