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2021-2022 Endicott College Academic Catalog 
2021-2022 Endicott College Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

OM 500 - Learning as Strategy

The content and pedagogy of the two courses are so interdependent that they cannot be delivered independently. OM 500 speaks to the ’how’ of educational administrative leadership and OM 510 to the ‘what’. Candidates develop their leadership skills (OM 500) by observing and practicing leadership tasks (OM 510). The two courses have heavy leadership theory and best practice underpinnings but have an even weightier experiential base. Candidates inductively learn their lessons by reflecting on their experience. School-based problems and opportunities, classroom simulations and exercises seek to replicate what administrators do. The content focuses on learning how to analyze school base data to identify specific areas for improvement that form the basis for School Improvement Plans. Candidates also learn about various strategies and structures to provide interventions for students who need extra support. These classes help prepare candidates for completing the Performance Assessment for Leaders (PAL) task 1.

(Cr: 3