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2022-2023 Endicott College Academic Catalog 
2022-2023 Endicott College Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

General Information

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Endicott College Mission Statement
Shaped by a bold entrepreneurial spirit, Endicott College offers students a vibrant academic environment that remains true to its founding principle of integrating professional and liberal arts with experiential learning, including internship opportunities across disciplines. The College fosters a spirit of excellence by creating a challenging yet supportive and inclusive environment in which students are encouraged to take intellectual risks, pursue scholarly and creative interests, contribute to the community, and explore diverse career paths. Endicott is committed to supporting the personal and professional development of its students, preparing them to assume meaningful roles within the greater community both domestically and internationally.

Guiding Principles

In accordance with Endicott’s mission, the College strives to deliver high quality and comprehensive educational programs supporting the intellectual and professional development of its undergraduate and graduate students. To that end, the College:

  • offers a broad array of majors, degrees and programs of study through the doctoral level;
  • meets the academic and lifestyle needs of a diverse student population through varied modes of pedagogy and course delivery including the integration of emerging technologies;
  • fosters the global awareness of students through relevant coursework, opportunities for study abroad and interactions with students from other cultures;
  • provides competitive career opportunities through the College’s signature internship program; and
  • responds to evolving societal trends and market forces in developing relevant programs across the College’s multiple campuses
Endicott is proud to have a faculty known for their teaching excellence, their experience in the working world, and their genuine care and concern for students’ well being and success. The College takes pride in its commitment to instruction and its attentiveness to the individual needs of students.

Instructors get to know their students well and can advise them on a frequent basis, both in regard to classwork and career goals. Each instructor has posted office hours and most serve as academic advisors.

For your convenience, Endicott offers classes in multiple locations and online. Wherever you choose to study, you always have access to student services and activities at our main Beverly campus, 376 Hale Street.

The growing demand for high-level degrees, combined with the high satisfaction level of our undergraduate students, are the driving forces behind the Fifth Year graduate programs. Full-time graduate programs are available to undergraduates in good standing who wish to earn master’s degrees following completion of their undergraduate studies.

Fifth Year programs are offered in Applied Behavior Analysis, Business Administration, Education, Homeland Security Studies, Interior Architecture, Nursing and Sport Leadership. Some Fifth Year programs require students to take classes as early as sophomore year and not all programs can be completed within a 12 months span. Please speak with the program advisors about program-specific conditions and admission requirements.