Jun 16, 2021  
2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog 
2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Residence Life

Approximately 85% of Endicott students live in 31 on-campus residence halls, and two off-campus apartment sites. Each residence hall offers students a unique opportunity depending on their lifestyles. Residential opportunities include modern, community-based residence halls, converted estate properties, suite style, suite style with partial and full kitchen facilities, and townhouse facilities. The Residence Life program offers a special experience to the resident student by providing residence halls with total occupancies of 5 to 300 students.

Endicott has a strong commitment to community development, first-year transition to college life, and the value of living ina  community with others. Endicott encourages students to avail themselves of all that residence life has to offer - from building choices, roommate selection, and programming and leadership opportunities.

For most new students, the group living experience and even the experience of having roommates is an exciting and important part of personal growth during their college years. The first-year environment is an integral part in their success and retention during their college career. Our first-year communities have a distinctive set of values and qualities that support individual growth and development. These values emerge from and reinforce the finest traditions and heritage of the College.

To assist you in making the most of your residential experience, most halls are staffed by trained, live-in Residence Directors, Assistant Residence Directors, and undergraduate students called Resident Assistants. These members of Residence Life in conjunction with the Associate Director of Residence Life, the Coordinator of Housing, the Coordinator of Facilities Management, and Administrative Assistant are available to assist you in adjusting to college life, to serve as campus resources and provide referrals, and to enhance your residence hall experience. The Office of Residence Life works closely with Academics, Athletics, Student Affairs, and other departments to create a positive transitional environment for students.

Resident students have the opportunity to participate in residence hall governance by being elected to Hall Council and/or Residence Hall Association (RHA). Through these organizations students have input into reviewing and recommending residential policies and procedures, while also creating fun and engaging programming.

These programs have been established at the College to provide each student with the opportunity for a rewarding campus experience. The residential experience is one that can truly enhance the student’s opportunity to grow, learn and share in a community of people- the best of college life!