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2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog 
2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Division of Academic Resources

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The Division of Academic Resources, located in the Diane M. Halle Library, provides the following services, resources, and programs to students to facilitate student success.

The Advising Services Center

The Advising Services Center (ASC) serves as a resource for students and faculty regarding the advising process and the procedures and forms utilized for selecting courses, changing majors, declaring a minor, and adding, dropping, or withdrawing from a class.

Disability Services Office


Endicott seeks to provide a supportive environment for students, staff, and faculty and is committed to providing equal access to educational programs and services to our students with disabilities. Students requesting accommodations must self-identify and provide appropriate documentation of their disability.

Peer Tutor Certification Program

Peer tutors are highly qualified students who are trained and certified following the guidelines of the College Reading and Learning Association. Peer tutors are successful students who have achieved a 3.0 GPA or higher, have been recommended by a faculty member, and have received a B or above in all of the courses they tutor. Peer tutors work in the Tutoring Center and the Writing Center, and are available for one-on-one or small group sessions by appointment.

Student Success Office

The Student Success Office serves as an intermediary for students and families regarding unresolved issues including financial reasons, housing concerns, social engagement, academic performance, etc. The office monitors student retention, which involves first-year student retention, overall student success from year-to-year, and attrition (i.e. why students leave the institution). The office manages the retention management system that is designed to identify students at risk and allow the office to provide appropriate interventions. The office is also handles the exit interviews of students who wish to withdraw from the College, take a leave of absence, or change their status (full-time to part-time, resident to commuter, etc.). The office collaborates with all departments across campus regarding the readmission of any student.

Student Support Center

The Student Support Center is available each semester for an additional fee. The Student Support Center offers professional learning consultation two hours per week to assist students develop appropriate learning strategies that will enable them to be in control of their own education. Students learn how to break down their academic tasks into distinct, achievable steps. Students learn to convert academic tasks into action stages using universal learning strategies.

Tutoring Center

Certified through the College Reading and Learning Association, the Tutoring Center offers free services and is designed to enhance the educational experiences of all students at Endicott. Through individualized tutoring with professional and/or peer tutors, students may receive support in a variety of disciplines, either in small groups or one-on-one sessions. The center is open Sunday through Friday, with day and evening hours available. Several study skills workshops are also offered each semester for those students interested in more generalized study strategies.

The Writing Center

Certified through the College Reading and Learning Association, the Writing Center provides free one-on-one assistance with all aspects of the writing process through professional and/or peer tutoring. Students may make appointments online or drop in to the center, which is open on weekdays, evenings, and Sundays. Writing tutors work with any Endicott student - undergraduate or graduate - on any type of writing. The Writing Center also offers workshops and online writing resources.