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2013-2014 Undergraduate Catalog 
2013-2014 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

School of Visual and Performing Arts

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The mission of the School of Visual and Performing Arts (SVPA) is to provide students with historical and aesthetic knowledge, perceptual and conceptual abilities, technical skills, and humanistic perspectives necessary for a successful career as a professional in the arts. Deeply woven within this philosophy is the concept of applied learning, linking studio experience with practical application.

Programs in the visual and performing arts include the Bachelor of Science in Interior Design; the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communications, with concentrations in Graphic Design and Photography; the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fine Arts with a concentration in Creative Arts Therapy; and the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art; and performing arts options in dance, music, music theater, and theater. Furthermore, students from all majors across campus are welcome to take one of the artistic minors offered by the School of Visual and Performing Arts. These minors include Art History, Arts Administration, Creative Arts Therapy, Dance, Graphic Design, Music, Photography, Studio Art, and Theater.

All programs integrate theory, practice and history so students can respond to the rapidly changing demands within arts and design professions. The process begins with Foundation courses that introduce students to an art-intensive experience, immersing them in drawing, 2-D design, and art history. Each concentration also requires students to take at least four courses within their major the first year. The Foundation curriculum investigates the methods, materials, and techniques common to most art and design fields. It ensures that all students progress to their second year with the skills and comprehension necessary for discipline-specific studies.

Students in the arts are encouraged to participate in ensembles, exhibitions, publications, and performances to further develop and share their work with the community. Special performances, lectures, presentations and exhibitions by visiting artists and faculty provide opportunities for hands-on experience, analysis, and the exchange of ideas, techniques, and perspectives. Endicott students are encouraged to consider studying abroad for one semester to enhance their awareness of historical and multicultural influences within their fields of study. Opportunities to study in Florence and Madrid are available, with several additional worldwide programs possible under special circumstances.

The College’s commitment to experiential learning forms the foundation of the internship program. Through freshman and sophomore winter sessions and the senior semester-long internship, Art and Design majors have the opportunity to explore their chosen professions firsthand within established studios, agencies or design firms. Students become part of the fabric of the studios or offices where they work; immersing themselves in the brainstorming, workflow, art making, client interactions, and other aspects of professional practice. Students emerge more articulate, confident, and better able to think on their feet, often with enhanced portfolios and resumes, and sometimes with job offers.

Performing Arts Auditions and Art/Design Portfolio Processes

All students from any major at Endicott College may participate in performing arts programs, courses, minors, and ensembles. Dance, music and theater productions may require an audition to secure specific parts and roles. While not required, applicants to Endicott College are encouraged to share their performing art work in any of the following forms: CD, DVD, design drawings and photographs.

All students majoring in one of the visual arts and design programs are required to submit a portfolio of their work for review by the SVPA. The portfolio evaluation augments the Application for Admission. The portfolio should include the following:

  • 20 samples of the candidate’s artwork as jpgs on a CD (do not send originals). Examples in various media are encouraged, such as drawing, ceramics, photography, drafting or graphics; rather than a concentration of images in one medium or discipline.
  • One application-specific portfolio assignment. Choose one of the following:
    • The Center of the Universe, in any medium, or
    • Self-portrait in any medium.
      We encourage broad creativity in your interpretation of this assignment and anticipate your unique response.

  • Checklist description of artwork including medium, title, size, date, and software, if applicable.
  • One-page statement that includes in the following order:
    • Which degree, major and concentration you are applying for,
    • Why you want to study art and design at Endicott College,
    • What led to your interest in the visual and creative media?

      This statement is in addition to, not in place of, the Application for Admission essay.

Please note: Your CD and materials will not be returned.

Send materials by January 15 to: Portfolio Review, School of Visual and Performing Arts, Endicott College, 376 Hale Street, Beverly, MA 01915

Upon receipt of the portfolio, the Dean, Department Chair, and appropriate faculty will review the work. The evaluation will then be sent to the Admission Office as a supplemental assessment tool.

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