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2009-2010 Undergraduate Catalog 
2009-2010 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

This program combines a foundation in Business core courses—in business strategy, communication, quantitative methods, accounting, marketing, finance, computer technology, and organizational behavior—with a focus in the final two years on the theory and practice of a particular business niche area. Juniors and seniors concentrate their studies in Management, Entrepreneurial Studies, Finance, International Business, or Marketing. With breadth enough to provide a basis for lifetime learning and continuous career development, the program’s edge is in its ability to develop through courses, the semester-long internship, and senior thesis, the specialized knowledge and problem solving skills linked to specific entry level career opportunities. Students graduate with the skills needed to take advantage of the immediate post-graduate job market and the flexible orientation needed to ensure repeated success as they grow and branch out in the future.

The Management concentration is designed to develop the authoritative perspective and personal leadership skills that successful business managers need. Its relevance to all types of organizational settings makes it a sound choice for anyone intent on pursuing a career in a broad spectrum of business or management roles worldwide. From supervisor to CEO, this track helps graduates manage effectively in an increasingly complex environment. Examples of internships include: roles in the development and management of human resources, assisting in services or manufacturing management, assisting in retail store management, and managerial roles in non-profit, community, and business organizations.

The Entrepreneurial Studies concentration develops the skills needed to gain advantage in the industry sector projected to grow the fastest in the decades to come: small and start-up business situations. In recent years, the integrated managerial perspective successful entrepreneurs all share has been identified as a key characteristic of leaders in established businesses as well. Examples of internships include: owner-operated start-up businesses involved in interactive marketing, photography, nanny services, sporting goods sales, and event planning; and family-owned computer services, painting, and general contracting businesses.

The Finance concentration provides an opportunity to gain a broad understanding of financial markets and the tools financial managers use. Examples of internships include: banks and financial institutions, corporate finance departments, accounting and control departments, stock and bond brokerages, financial advisory services, and management consulting firms.

An International Business concentration gives students the opportunity to examine the complex challenges that face managers when organizations and products cross national borders. The overall program is structured so as to develop in students basic managerial competencies as well as the specialized skills, knowledge, and perspectives required to become effective decision-makers in the global marketplace. The increasing demand for employees with expertise in international business follows directly from the number of businesses, including firms of all sizes, moving into the international trade and investment arena.

Endicott College is committed to providing students in the International Business concentration with the foreign language and intercultural competencies necessary to succeed in today’s interdependent global business community. Foreign language courses that use the latest communicative methodologies and overseas study and internship opportunities are designed to complement the international business curriculum. Students in International Business are required to pursue two years of college-level foreign language study or to demonstrate an equivalent proficiency in a language other than English. Students in the International Business concentration likewise are strongly encouraged to spend a minimum of one semester in a country other than their home, either in a study-abroad or in an internship experience.

The concentration in Marketing gives students an opportunity to concentrate their upper level study on marketing topics while completing their B.S. in Business Administration. Students have the flexibility to pursue higher level skills and knowledge either within a single niche area of marketing or across a range of marketing and marketing communications topics.

Within Marketing, as in each concentration, a variety of specialized career interests can be met through a combination of courses and closely coordinated individualized study in the semester-long internship and senior thesis. For example, through use of electives, the internship and senior thesis, three distinct specializations can be carved out within Marketing: consumer product development and merchandising; advertising and promotional communications administration (which draws on both business and communications offerings); and international marketing (which integrates an international business and marketing focus).

Examples of Internships include:

Hill Holliday                            Appleseed’s                            
August A. Busch Co.               Beverly Hospital 
Osram Sylvania                      Blue Cross/Blue Shield
Fidelity Investments                Bank of America       
Morgan Stanley                       Puma, USA                                       
Mexican Consulate                  Varian Semiconductor 
Smith Barney                          Gorton’s of Gloucester

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