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2007-2008 Undergraduate Academic Catalog 
2007-2008 Undergraduate Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

General Education Core Requirements

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The Endicott College mission reflects a commitment to the integration of liberal, professional, and experiential education. To that end, the Core Curriculum aims at providing students with a liberal arts context for framing their professional studies along with opportunities for exploring disciplines outside their majors. Courses are designed to foster the development of critical thinking skills that enable students to analyze evidence and to engage in constructive dialogue. Students are encouraged to apply logic, intuition, scientific reasoning, and imagination in debating issues and solving problems. Throughout this process the development of effective oral and written communication skills is emphasized. Opportunities for research and critical inquiry exist across the core disciplines. A variety of courses within the Core Curriculum promote community and global awareness through the study of diverse cultures and traditions, and social and political systems. At the same time students are guided toward an appreciation of diversity as related to the unique qualities of individuals and of cultural and ethnic groups. The Core Curriculum challenges students with choices while assuring that courses are taken within essential academic disciplines.


The General Education Core


The Core Curriculum for Bachelor degree students includes the following: Seminar in Academic Inquiry, College Writing Seminar, Senior Thesis I, and Senior Thesis II, along with selections in Arts and Humanities, Science and Mathematics, and Social Sciences. In addition, students enrich their programs of study by choosing electives from a broad distribution of courses outside their major designations. In the Seminar in Academic Inquiry, students will be introduced to inquiry-based learning skills that will provide the foundation to their four years of study at Endicott College.

Baccalaureate Degree Requirement

Course Requirements

  1. Core Areas
    Students must take three courses for a minimum of nine credits in the three following areas: Arts and Humanities, Sciences and Mathematics, and Social Sciences. The courses selected in each area must be in two or more disciplines. At least one course must be taken in both Math and Science respectively.
  2. Seminar in Academic Inquiry (3 credits)
  3. College Writing Seminar (3 credits)
  4. Senior Thesis I (3 credits)
  5. Senior Thesis II (3 credits)
  6. Core Electives
    Students must take three courses for a minimum of nine credits from an approved list of courses outside their major designations. Two of these courses must be above the 100 level.

Writing Requirement

Before graduating, students must earn six writing credits in addition to ENG 101 College Writing Seminar by choosing two courses that have the writing designation. One of the courses must be at the 300 or 400 level. (Note: Students may be placed in ENG 218, ENG 305, or HON 150 instead of ENG 101 depending on their writing placement scores.)

Associate Degree Requirements

In exceptional circumstances, students enrolled in a Bachelor degree program may petition to receive an Associate in Science degree in Integrated Studies. The Integrated Studies program requires a minimum of 27 credits from the Core and 2 credits of Internship:




College Writing Seminar


3 cr.




*Seminar in Academic Inquiry


3 cr.



Science or Math Core courses


6-8 cr.



Arts and Humanities Core courses


6 cr.



Social Science Core courses


6 cr.



Core Elective


3 cr.




Total Credits


27-29 cr.

One writing designation course is required in addition to the College Writing Seminar during the course of study.

*Students with 24 or more transfer credits may have the Seminar in Academic Inquiry requirement waived but must substitute a three-credit elective.