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2005-2006 School of Graduate and Professional Studies Catalog 
2005-2006 School of Graduate and Professional Studies Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Reading and Literacy - Initial Licensure (PreK-12)

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The program in Reading and Literacy enables candidates to be eligible to apply for Initial Licensure in Reading. Courses such as RDG 506 Emergence of Literacy, RDG 507 Writing Across the Curriculum, RDG 511 Children’s Literature, RDG 512 Diagnosis and Redemption, and RDG 508 Improvement of Reading Instruction provide background knowledge to the teacher to become a reading specialist. Pre-practicum experiences included in RDG 512 Diagnosis and Redemption and RDG 508 seminar prepare for the teacher through supervised classroom experiences to take upon the role of a reading teacher for all grade levels. Each course addresses the relevant Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks and the Professional standards of teachers.

General Information Reading and Literacy

The programs in Reading and Literacy prepare candidates to work as Reading Specialists for all grade levels by:

  • Enabling students to develop a philosophy of “emerging literacy” as it relates to current trends in the field of reading and language and development.
  • Providing students knowledge of significant theories, practices, and programs for developing skills and reading comprehension.
  • Providing students knowledge about child and adolescent development and timing of formal reading instruction
  • Providing students with multiple opportunities for practicum experience to assess, diagnose, and provide remedial strategies for students who may be experiencing reading/language difficulties.
  • Providing students with appropriate methods of administering reading programs for K-12 grade levels, including curriculum planning, staff development, and selection of materials.
  • Providing opportunities for students to pursue research on the topic of authentic assessment, literacy, and the integration of the language arts.
  • Providing students with opportunities to design instructional strategies to meet the needs of reading disabled youngsters.
  • Providing opportunities for students to understand to understand the changing role of the consulting teacher of reading as a member of a support team and instructional leader.
  • Modeling effective ways of staff supervision, teacher selection, and curriculum development through course content, observation, and practicum experience.
The programs in Reading and Literacy are designed in two tracks: 1) a 21-credit post-baccalaureate program that leads to Initial Licensure, and an optional 15 additional credit program to obtain a Masters degree in Initial Licensure, 2) a 36- credit Appropriate Master’s Degree Program that leads to Professional Licensure.

Specific Admission Requirements

  • application form and fee;
  • statement of professional goals;
  • official transcripts of all academic work (at a minimum a Bachelor’s degree);
  • two letters of recommendation
  • a passing score on the communication and literacy test (MTEL), or a copy of all Massachusetts teacher licenses; and
  • official score on either the Miller’s Analogy or GRE.

Pre-requisite: candidates for this program must hold at least an initial license in a teaching field and have at least one year of teaching experience under that license.

Program of Study

Note: Courses required for obtaining Initial Licensure as a Reading Specialist are marked below with (*).

Pre-practicum courses are marked below with (**).

Comprehensive Examination

Total Degree Requirements - Credits: 36

Completion of the Program

To successfully complete the reading and Literacy program for initial licensure in reading, students must successfully complete all of the required courses, fieldwork, and the comprehensive examination. Students are also required to pass the subject matter test in reading prior to graduation and applying for initial licensure as a reading specialist.

Other Options for Early Childhood, Elementary Education and Moderate Disabilities Candidates

The program of study for Master of Education in Initial Licensure in Reading & Literacy is also approved for obtaining eligibility for professional licensure in Early Childhood, Elementary Education, and Moderate Disabilities (PreK-8, 5-12).  Initial licensure in the respective field mentioned above is required for entry into the program.

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