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2005-2006 School of Graduate and Professional Studies Catalog 
2005-2006 School of Graduate and Professional Studies Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Business Administration

Master of Business Administration

The Van Loan School of Graduate and Professional Studies offers the MBA degree in three different tracks:

Track I: The MBA for the Experienced Professional. This option is a part-time program for working professionals. The classes are offered once per week from 6-10 pm. The program, comprised of 39 credits, takes approximately 18-20 months to complete.

Track II: The MBA for the Early Career Professional. This option is also a part-time program for those who have recently entered the work force. Classes are offered twice per week from 5-8 pm. The program consists of 45 credits and takes approximately 16 months to complete.

Track III: The Full Time MBA. This option is a one-year full-time course of study designed for those who have just completed their bachelor’s degrees in business administration (non-business majors may be provisionally accepted subject to additional pre-requisite coursework). This is a 60-credit program, though up to 24 credits maybe waived if the student can demonstrate completion at the undergraduate level with a minimum GPA of 3.0.

All MBA tracks utilize the cohort learning model whereby a group of students enter the program together, progress through as a cohesive group, and complete the program at the same time. Peer exchange, and practical application are central themes of all tracks. Faculty who have extensive experience in business and management infuse the classroom with a dynamic, hands-on approach to real world problem solving. The global environment, the technological environment and the ethical dimensions of managerial decisions pervade the MBA program.

Admissions Requirements

  • At least one face-to-face interview with Program Director and/or Vice President and Dean of the Van Loan School
  • Completed Application with application fee
  • Two Letters of Recommendation – one from applicant’s immediate supervisor
  • Official Transcript with GPA of 3.0 § Essay of 250 to 500 words on motivations for graduate study and career goals
  • GMAT
  • TOEFL as applicable; Score of 600 for graduate study

Transfer Credits

A maximum of six (6) credits may be transferred into a student’s MBA course of study if the student has successfully completed applicable graduate coursework within the last five (5) years from an accredited institution. An official transcript and course description must be furnished.

Distinguished Leaders Symposium

The Distinguished Leaders Symposium is an integrative activity in the curriculum. MBA students and faculty convene in a community event to listen to and interact with a leading local businessperson that addresses the group. The Distinguished Leaders Symposium links theory and practice informed and framed by an outside business leader. The Symposium is designed to expose students to a variety of perspectives as well as to stimulate application of the MBA curriculum. It is also a rich networking opportunity.

Corporate Advisory Panel

The Corporate Advisory Panel is a core group of business leaders who convene on campus quarterly in an effort to enhance the Programs’ linkages to the business community, and vice versa. The Panel is a forum for the business leaders’ input on the issues, challenges and trends managers are experiencing in the business community. This partnership between the private sector business community, and advanced management education is a critical underlying philosophy of the Endicott MBA program.


All of the courses in the curriculum employ some combination of the following assignments:

  • Individual oral presentation;
  • Group oral presentation;
  • Individual written project; and/or 
  • Group written projects.

The philosophy of the program is that traditional “tests” are less relevant to MBA study. To foster deeper management and business understanding, projects, cases, examples, and illustrations are used as a way to examine and learn. There are no multiple choice, true/false, fill in the blank type of examinations.