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2005-2006 School of Graduate and Professional Studies Catalog 
2005-2006 School of Graduate and Professional Studies Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

ITP 523 - E-Learning

E-learning can be enormously effective and efficient - or costly and ineffectual. Success demands a hard look at the strategic issues that make for positive impact in an academic setting. Having a strategic vision and plan for e-learning can make the implementation process easier and provides a road map to those who will be implementing your plan. Students will learn to identify the high-level issues surrounding learning in their institution, how to separate the technology and other tactical decisions from the vision decisions that must precede successful implementations, and what e-learning is, how it fits into the academic environment. This course is divided into three areas. 1)”The Opportunity” which sets the stage for the understanding of the strategies and technological drivers that are influencing radical changes in e-learning. 2)”New Approaches for E-Learning” that explores these changes in depth, providing a much more broader perspective on e-learning options and approaches. 3)”Organizational Requirements for E-Learning” this area focuses on the key infrastructure, environmental, cultural, leadership and organizational factors that can impact an e-learning initiative in a school environment.

(Cr 3)