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2006-2007 Undergraduate Academic Catalog 
2006-2007 Undergraduate Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Residence Life

Approximately 86 percent of Endicott students live on campus in 22 residence halls. Each residence hall offers students a unique opportunity depending on their lifestyles. Residential opportunities include modern, community-based residence halls, converted estate properties, apartments, and townhouse facilities. With residents numbering from 8 to 224, the Residential Life Program offers a special experience to the resident student.

A strong commitment to community development, first year, and the experiences of living in residence is present at Endicott. Students are required to live on campus unless they are living at home within a commutable distance. Exceptions may be granted by receiving appropriate written authorization from the Dean of Students.

For most new students, the group living experience and even the experience of having a roommate is an exciting and important part of personal growth during their college years. The first year environment is an integral part in their success and retention during the next four years of their college career. First year students are housed primarily with sophomores. These living/learning communities have a distinctive set of values and qualities that support individual growth and development. These values emerge from and reinforce the finest traditions and heritage of the College. The emphasis at Endicott is on community development and individual responsibility.

To assist you in making the most of your residence experience, most halls are staffed by a trained, live-in resident director, assistant resident director or graduate assistant, and a staff of undergraduate students called resident assistants. These staff members, in conjunction with the Director of Residential Life, are available to you to assist in adjusting to college life, to serve as campus resources and provide referrals, and to enhance your residence hall experience.

Resident students have the opportunity to participate in residence hall governance issues by being elected to Hall Council. Through these organizations students have input into reviewing and recommending residential policies and procedures. Additionally, Hall Council members provide a variety of programs for the specific residence hall and area.

These programs have been established at the College to provide each student with the opportunity for a rewarding campus experience. The residence experience is one that can truly enhance the student’s opportunity to grow, learn and share in a community of people- the best of college life!