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2005-2006 Undergraduate Academic Catalog 
2005-2006 Undergraduate Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Division of Academic Resources

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The Division of Academic Resources works collaboratively with the Endicott community to provide access to information resources and services, technology and academic support programs. These services are provided by the Academic Computer Center, the Academic Support Center, and the Library.

The Academic Technology Department


The Academic Technology Department, located in the Diane Meyers Halle Library, provides a comprehensive approach to computer education. Students are able to develop their computer skills through learning experiences appropriate for a variety of educational, occupational, and personal applications. In addition to helping students become computer literate, the Academic Technology Department assists faculty in their efforts to integrate educational technology in their course curricula.

The Academic Technology Department is comprised of six state-of-the art labs - three PC labs in the Academic Technology Department, one in the new Van Loan School of Graduate and Professional Studies, and two Mac labs in the Art and Design Center. The labs are equipped with the most powerful and sophisticated software technologies available to date. The labs function both as classrooms and as areas in which students can pursue independent projects. All of the labs provide access to the Internet enabling students to conduct research and to communicate around the world.

Students have access to the labs between scheduled classes both days and evenings. A number of computers are also available for student use outside of the computer labs. These are located in the Library proper and in the Cyber Café. All classrooms and residence halls are connected to the network with fiber optic cable. All students are given email accounts and have access to GullNet, Endicott’s web portal and instructional management system. GullNet allows faculty and students to share files and communicate online via discussion boards and chat rooms and even complete online assignments and quizzes.

In addition to the computer labs, there are 23 classrooms, three conference rooms, one science lab, and a nursing lab, all of which are enhanced with computer-mediated or “smart” instruction technology. The Scangas Center for Media and Learning is the heart of the new technology initiative at Endicott. It combines a state-of-the-art video conferencing facility and multi-media production capability.

The Department of Academic Technology offers workshops to students, faculty, and staff in a wide variety of software applications, including Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Gullnet, Smart Classrooms, Multi-media Technology, and website design. It also provides technical support and training for the Business laptop computer initiative.

The Academic Support Center


The Academic Support Center, located in the Diane M. Halle Library, provides a wide range of services to all students seeking a successful academic experience. Students are encouraged to participate actively in their learning through an understanding of the skills, strategies and techniques needed to achieve their academic goals. Various programs that focus on content instruction and study skills are offered on an individualized or group basis free of charge.

College Learning Program

The College Learning Program is offered free of charge and is designed to enhance the educational experiences of all students at Endicott College. Through individualized tutoring with professional and/or peer tutors, students may receive support in a variety of disciplines, either on a drop-in basis or by appointment for more long-term assistance.

The College Learning Program consists of the following components:

Athletic Training Lab

Weekly sessions are available for drop-in tutoring in athletic training.

Business Lab

This lab offers drop-in help from peer and professional tutors in Accounting, Business Fundamentals, Business Methods, Business Statistics, Economics, and Finance.

Math Lab

Students may drop in for assistance with their math assignments or schedule weekly sessions with a professional or peer tutor as needed.

Nursing Lab

In a simulated hospital environment, professional and peer tutors provide one-on-one support for all aspects of the Endicott College Nursing program.

Science Lab

Individualized assistance is provided in all areas of science. Students may drop in for periodic help or schedule weekly sessions with a professional or peer tutor as needed.

Writing Lab

Students may receive assistance with all aspects of the writing process through professional and/or peer tutoring offered on a drop-in basis. Specialized tutoring for Senior Thesis I and II is also available.

Student Support Program

The Student Support Program offers professional tutoring two hours per week to help students master course content and develop appropriate learning strategies that will enable them to be in control of their own education. Course work is closely monitored through frequent contact with faculty and consistent recording of progress.

The Student Support Program is available each semester for an additional fee.

Peer Learning Services

Peer tutors are honors and qualified upper class students who are trained to teach essential academic skills such as time management, note-taking, and test-taking strategies. Peer tutors also assist students with course content difficulties. The Peer Learning Program has been nationally certified on an advanced level by the College of Reading and Learning Association. Scheduling is flexible; services are free.

Study groups are organized for a variety of classes each semester and are led by trained peer tutors in informal settings on a weekly basis. Students work together to learn and understand course material.

The Diane Meyers Halle Library


The Diane Meyers Halle Library supports the curriculum with a collection of 114,000 volumes and 300 periodical subscriptions, numerous titles on microfilm/microfiche, and various media and audio-visual resources. The Library’s staff provides both individual assistance and group instruction to assist students with their current research and information needs and to develop information literacy skills that will facilitate lifelong learning.

The Library and its computer labs provide information resources to the Endicott College community. In cooperation with the Academic Technology Department, the Library also serves as the campus information technology center. The Library’s on-line catalog serves as a gateway to both the Library’s holdings and to global resources via the Internet. Our membership in NOBLE (North of Boston Library Exchange), a consortium of 28 academic and public libraries, provides direct access to over three million items. The Library’s electronic resources include a variety of full-text periodical and newspaper databases, which index over 19,000 periodical titles with over 10,000 available in full-text electronic format. The Library and the Academic Technology computer labs housed in the Library also provide access to the boundless resources available over the Internet. Access to this information is also available from residence halls and offices via the campus network as well as remotely. Daily delivery service among NOBLE member libraries expedites the transfer of material owned by those libraries and requested by members of the Endicott community. On-site reciprocal borrowing privileges are also available.