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2005-2006 Undergraduate Academic Catalog 
2005-2006 Undergraduate Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Fees and Charges for 2005-2006


Full-Time Students

A full-time student is defined as a student who is registered for twelve or more hours of credit per semester. Students who take credit overloads in excess of 17 semester hours of academic credit must obtain the permission of the Dean of the College, and will be charged a tuition surcharge at the rate of $615 per credit hour for new students and $582 per credit hour for returning students.

Part-Time Status

Students are permitted to enroll for up to 11 credit hours on a part-time basis. The tuition is $615 per credit hour for new students and $582 per credit hour for non-Nursing students who matriculated prior to September 2004. A student who has been accepted into the nursing program as a full-time student may not change to part-time status.

Students with part-time status who register for twelve credits or more will be considered to have given notice of change to full-time status and will be billed accordingly.

Enrollment/Continuation Deposit

New full-time day students are required to pay a $500.00 Enrollment/Continuation Deposit by May 1st. This one-time deposit serves several purposes. For new accepted students, the deposit initially reserves a place in the College and is refundable only until May 1st of the admission year.

Once the student has matriculated at Endicott College, this non-interest bearing deposit will be fully refunded (less any outstanding financial obligations) upon the student’s graduation or official notification of withdrawal. Official notification of withdrawal must be made by May 1st if not returning for the subsequent fall semester and December 1st if not returning for the subsequent spring semester. Official notification of withdrawal can be by exit interview or in writing and sent to the Vice President of Administration at Endicott College. Notification after those dates will cause the deposit to be forfeited. An appeal of the forfeiture of the deposit may be made in writing to the Vice President of Administration. The deposit is also not refundable if the student participates in the room selection process and leaves residency without successfully completing the Change of Housing Status procedure as defined in the Endicott College Student Handbook.

If a student requests a leave of absence, the College will retain the deposit as a reservation to return. Written notice to change from a leave of absence status to a withdrawal must be received by the Vice President of Administration by the deadlines noted above in order to receive the refund.

This one-time deposit allows the student to register for each semester and participate in room selection each year with no additional deposits required for the entire period of enrollment if the student’s account is in good standing.

Part-time students are not required to pay this deposit. If a student is accepted as a fulltime student and has paid the $500.00 deposit, and then changes to part-time status, the deposit will be forfeited if the December 1st and May 1st notification deadlines are not met. If a part-time student changes to full-time, the student will be required to pay the deposit at the time the enrollment status is changed.

Application Fee

A $40 application fee is required at the time of application in order to process your application. This fee covers the expense involved in handling the applicant’s portfolio. It is not refundable, nor is it credited to tuition charges.

Student Health Insurance

Student health insurance coverage is mandatory in Massachusetts under the Universal Health Care Law. Endicott students must have accident/illness insurance coverage. The annual fee for this coverage for 2005-2006 is $785 and is included in your July invoice.

If a student already has comparable coverage with another insurance plan, the student may waive the insurance coverage through Endicott. A waiver form will be available on-line and instructions will included with the July invoice. The insurance may only be waived through the completion of the on-line waiver form.

International students may not waive the student accident and sickness insurance unless they are covered by an embassy sponsored program. A copy of this program must be sent with the waiver form.

Graduation Fee

A graduation fee of $200 is assessed those students who qualify for Master, Bachelor, or Associate degrees from Endicott. This assessment covers a variety of student activities associated with Commencement, including: degree audit, preparation of diploma, cap and gown, yearbook, and graduation events and ceremonies.

Annual Tuition, Room, and Board Charges 2005-2006

Annual tuition, room and board charges for the 2005-2006 academic year are as follows:

Tuition - New Students   $19,690
Tuition - Returning Students   $18,636
  Traditional Room   $6,846
  Expanded Traditional Room Occupancy   $5,846
  Townhouse/Tower Apartments   $8,594
  Kennedy Apartments   $8,330
  The Village   $7,480
  Single Room Supplement (optional)   $1,500
Board Plan Options
  (A) Premium Meal Plan   $3,084
  (B) Standard Meal Plan   $2,920
  (C) Partial Meal Plan   $2,410
  (D) Minimum Meal Plan   $1,712

Tuition bills must be paid as stipulated in order for the student to attend classes, take examinations, and participate in college affairs. All outstanding bills must be paid before graduation.

Late Fee

Tuition payments are due on August 1 for the Fall semester and January 2 for the Spring semester. If payment is not received by the due dates, a one-time $100 late fee per semester will be assessed. Financial aid payments cannot be applied to your account until all required documentation is complete. It is your responsibility to make sure that the Financial Aid Office has all necessary documentation prior to tuition payment due dates. Students with outstanding tuition balances will not be permitted to attend classes or check-in to residence halls. A 1% per month interest charge is assessed to past due accounts. A late charge will be added to any payment plan payments that are five days past due.

General Curricular Fee

A $150 per semester general curricular fee is charged for full-time students, and a $100 per semester fee is charged for part-time students. This mandatory fee is required of all students.

Technology Fee

A technology fee of $200 per semester for residential students and $84 per semester for commuter students is charged to cover technology services on campus. For residential students, this fee includes twenty-four hour on-campus and local area telephone service, voice mail, e-mail, satellite TV in each residence hall room, data access to the Endicott wired and wireless network and Internet from each residence hall room and various locations across campus. Commuter students have e-mail, and data access to the Endicott network and Internet from home or on-campus locations. The technology fee is billed to each student at the beginning of each semester.

Endicott Gull-Card System

Dollar values may be added to an Endicott Gull-Card in the Bursar’s Office or through a value-port in the Library or the Callahan Center. The Gull-Card may be used at Endicott’s dining facilities, bookstore, vending machines, laundry machines, printers and copiers on campus. Please see the Student Life section for more information on the Endicott Gull-Card.

Other Charges and Fees (2005-2006)

Campus Vehicle Parking: $200 per year College Learning Program: no charge Laptop Program Fee: $700 per semester (new students matriculated September 2004 and after, majoring in Business) Student Support Program: $1,000 per semester (individualized tutoring; two hours a week) Nursing Clinical Fee: $175 per semester for full-time students; $110 for part-time students

Books and Supplies

The cost of books varies considerably depending on the number and type of courses taken per semester. Book costs generally range from $400 to $600 per year, with the first-semester cost sometimes greater than the second.

All Art and Design students are responsible for individual supplies and personal equipment needed for the various courses. Though the expenses vary, they often range from $800 - $900 per year. Interior Design and Visual Communications students are encouraged to have their own computers; specifications are available through Information Technology’s Student Computer Guide to Hardware/Software Recommendations. Photography students are required to have a camera that meets the minimum requirements for coursework and may incur additional printing costs. Camera specifications can be obtained from the Department of Visual Communications.

Payment Plans

The College offers a payment plan through Academic Management Services (AMS). AMS charges a one-time $55 application fee, which includes life insurance on the applicant. If a payment plan is selected, tuition payments are made directly to the payment plan servicer. Payments are made over a ten-month period, with the first payment due in June and final payment due in March. Specific information on this plan is mailed to all students or financially responsible parties and is available upon request from the Bursar’s Office.

Financial Obligation in Case of Withdrawal

Notice of Withdrawal forms may be secured from the Vice President of Administration. These forms must be completed by the student and the Vice President of Administration and returned to the Registrar of the College. The withdrawal date is established by the date of receipt by the Registrar of the written notice of the student’s intent to withdraw, or the vacating of the student’s room, whichever is later. Refunds will not be processed until the Notice of Withdrawal form is received by the Bursar.

Students who fail to attend classes during the semester will be officially withdrawn by the Registrar after three weeks of consecutive absence from classes. No refund of fees in this instance is made, barring exceptional circumstances as determined by the College. A student who is dismissed for disciplinary reasons is not entitled to a refund.


Students who officially withdraw may be granted refund of tuition, room, and board according to the following refund schedule. Students who are dismissed due to disciplinary action will not be entitled to any refund.

Prior to check-in, 100% of tuition, room, and board fees are refunded minus the nonrefundable deposit. Students who check in to residence halls prior to official check-in will also be assessed a fee of $25 per day for board charges.

Refund Schedule (based on date of official withdrawal):
Within the first week of class   80%
Within the second week   60%
Within the third week   40%
Within the fourth week   20%
Fifth week and after   No refund

Endicott College complies with the refund policies as outlined in the Higher Education Amendments of 1998. The refund calculation for the return of Title IV funds with a completion of less than or equal to sixty percent of the semester is as follows:

The lesser of:

Total Title IV Aid   x   % of Uncompleted Semester   =   Unearned Aid
Total Institutional Costs   x   % of Uncompleted Semester   =   Unearned Costs

The College will refund the credit of the lesser of Unearned Aid or Unearned Costs to the Title IV programs in the following order:

Federal Unsubsidized Loan
Federal Subsidized Loan
Perkins Loan
Federal Plus Loan
Federal Pell Grant
Federal SEOG
Other Title IV Programs

If more than 60% of the semester is completed, no Title IV funds will be returned.

Endicott College offers the Tuition Refund Insurance Plan, administered by A.W.G. Dewar Inc., which covers 100% refund of the semester fees in the event of a withdrawal due to illness or accident. The premium cost is 1% of the Tuition, Room, Board, and fees. Participating students will receive 100% of the Tuition, Room, Board, General Curricular, and Technology fees for that semester (60% for mental or emotional disorder). Enrollment forms and additional descriptive material are mailed to the student in mid-summer, prior to the start of the school year. Endicott College urges your careful consideration of this program as a means to protect your tuition investment.