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2008-2009 School of Graduate and Professional Studies Catalog 
2008-2009 School of Graduate and Professional Studies Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Adult Accelerated Programs

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Adult Accelerated Undergraduate Degree Completion Programs


The accelerated undergraduate programs offered at Endicott provide adult learners an opportunity to complete Associate and/or Bachelor degrees in the evening and Saturday, following an intensive format.


Endicott’s programs acknowledge that adult students have a wealth of prior achievements and experiences. Students who have taken previous postsecondary courses, as well as students who can document work and life experiences, may be eligible to accelerate the completion of their degrees. After a review of transfer credits and an assessment of prior learning, students often find that they are well on their way to their desired degrees.


The following majors are available:


Business Administration

Integrated Studies

Liberal Studies



Program Format


The program offers part-time study for working professionals in the evening and on Saturdays. Courses typically meet in cohort groups of 10-15 students from 6-10 p.m., one evening a week for five to eight weeks, depending on course content.   Saturday courses are also offered.  Students spend an additional four hours of study a week to prepare for group assignments.


Special Offerings for Endicott College Alumni


Academic advisors at the Van Loan School work closely with former Endicott students who wish to complete the Associate degree and with Endicott Associate graduates who wish to finish a Bachelor degree. The School offers tuition discounts to Endicott Associate graduates who matriculate into an Endicott Bachelor degree program.


January/Winter Intersession


The January/Winter Intersession is a three-week intensive term during which courses are offered for undergraduate students in an accelerated format. Both online and classroom courses are offered. The courses are open to Endicott undergraduate students and students from other colleges who need additional credits because they transferred colleges, need to repeat courses, or wish to accelerate their programs. Endicott undergraduates are required to obtain written approval of their course selections prior to enrollment in the Intersession.


Admission to Bachelor and Associate Programs


To qualify for Endicott’s accelerated programs; students should be at least 24 years of age and have a minimum of two years of significant, full-time work experience.

To be considered for admission, please send the following materials to Endicott College, Van Loan School of Graduate and Professional Studies, 376 Hale Street, Beverly, MA 01915:

·         A completed application form with a non-refundable application fee of $25.00 (check made payable to Endicott College)

·         A 250-500 word essay explaining your professional goals

·         An official high school transcript or GED, sent directly to the Van Loan School’s Admissions Office at Endicott College

·         Official transcripts of any post-secondary work, sent directly to the Van Loan School’s Admissions Office at Endicott College

·         A letter of recommendation from a supervisor, professional colleague or instructor, sent directly to the Van Loan School’s Admissions Office at Endicott College

·         Scores of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) from students for whom English is not a first language

All admission requirements must be satisfied in order to be formally accepted, or matriculated, in a degree program. Students must be formally admitted to a program before completion of 12 Endicott College credits.




An advising plan is developed for each student to outline the courses required for degree completion. Students may also check the College’s student data base for degree audit information.


Transfer Credits


For Associate degree programs, a maximum of 32 transfer credits from other accredited colleges may be applied to the Endicott Associate degree. Grades of “C” or better may be accepted, and no more than six credits may carry a “C-“ grade.


For Bachelor degree programs, a maximum of 85 transfer credits from other accredited colleges may be applied to the Endicott Bachelor degree provided the courses fit the curriculum of the major and the degree. Grades of “C” or better may be accepted, and no more than six credits may carry a “C-“ grade.


Official transcripts of previous college work, mailed directly to Endicott College from previous colleges or universities, must be received to transfer credit to Endicott. Students must be matriculated before transfer credits can be added to the Endicott College transcript.


Assessment of Prior Learning (APL 100)

Endicott College recognizes that not all learning occurs in a classroom and that adult learners may have acquired college-level learning through work and life experience. APL 100 provides adult students with the opportunity to accelerate the completion of their Bachelor degrees.


Assessment of Prior Learning (APL 100) is a three-credit, semester-based course in which adult students are guided through an academic process to create a proficiency portfolio of case studies portraying significant work and life experience, substantiated with verifiable documentation of that learning. Upon submission, each case study is evaluated individually for college credit. College credit is awarded for learning, not just for experience, based upon Council for Adult Experiential Learning (CAEL) academic and administrative standards.


APL uses many techniques to document college level learning experiences:

                        • Dynamic group discussion

                        • Work and life review

                        • Structured exercises

                        • Peer support

                        • Peer review and analysis


A Bachelor candidate may petition for a maximum of 30 credits. An Associate candidate may also petition for 30 credits, of which 15 credits would apply to completion of the Associate degree, and 15 credits would apply to the Bachelor degree, if such study continues.   

Adult Bachelor’s Program – The Senior Thesis

All Bachelor’s degree candidates are required to complete a senior thesis.  The skills and courses that are required as preparation for and completion of the Thesis include: basic mathematics, writing and computer skills; MTH 126 Applied Statistics, PSY 302 Research Methods, BUS/LST/PSY 489 Senior Thesis I,  BUS/LST/PSY 479 Research Project (a two semester course), and BUS/LST/PSY 490 Senior Thesis II.

Articulated Degree Completion Programs

The Articulated Accelerated Degree Completion program allows for a seamless transition from an Associate degree to a Bachelor degree, if the Associate degree was earned at colleges with which Endicott College is articulated. Located at or near the articulated college, these programs allow a student with an Associate degree to earn a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in as few as 25 months.


Registration (including payment of tuition and fees) must be completed and received by the Van Loan School of Graduate and Professional Studies by the start date of the course. Students who are members of a cohort should be prepared to register for their next cohort course on the last night of the current course. Registrations not received by the start date of the course are subject to a mandatory $50 per course late fee.

Registration for courses is the responsibility of the student. Non-availability of a site coordinator (off-campus) or a GPS representative to register students in class does not absolve the student of the responsibility to register for courses on time. Registration for courses may be completed by mail (as long as it arrives at the Endicott College, Van Loan School of Graduate and Professional Studies prior to the start of the first class in a course). Registration may also be completed using a credit card (MasterCard, Visa, or AmEx) by phone, (978-232-2199) or (978-232-2044), or by fax (978-232-3000).

Endicott College undergraduate, full-time students are required to have a permission form signed by the dean of their major, approving their courses, before registration for Graduate School courses may occur.

Withdrawal from a Course

Withdrawal from a course must be requested in writing and delivered to the Graduate School’s office of the Registrar.  Refunds are permitted according to the date the withdrawal request is received.  Failure to officially withdraw from a course once it has begun will result in a grade of “F” on the College transcript.

Residency at Endicott

A minimum of 24 of the last 30 credits toward an undergraduate degree must be earned at Endicott College.

Corporate Degree Completion Programs

Endicott College’s Van Loan School of Graduate and Professional Studies offers opportunities for employees of Massachusetts businesses to earn their degrees on-site at their place of employment or in a convenient nearby location.  Degree programs are tailored tot he the needs and educational experience of the employees and can take students from no credits to an Associate degree to a Bachelor degree. An Accelerated Bachelor Degree Completion program is also available to students with significant college experience.  We are happy to work with your Human Resources Department to design a program specific to your needs.

Online Options

Online courses are offered as part of the bachelor degree completion programs.  Examples of online courses include: Operations Management, Organizational Behavior, Entrepreneuship, Business, Government, and Society; World Geography; Macroeconomics; Microeconomics; American Popular Culture; Adulthood and Aging; Consumer Behavior; and Introduction to Sociology.  Other courses may be requested and offered, based on the needs of students.

Fifth Year Programs for Undergraduate Students

Full-time graduate programs are available to undergraduates in good standing who wish to earn master’s degrees at Endicott following completion of their undergraduate studies.  The Master of Business Administration has a full-time intensive program through which a degree may be earned in one academic year.  The Master of Education in Sport Management’s full-time program may be completed in one calendar year.  The Master of Education in Elementary Education and also Special Needs, leading to eligibility for licensure in Massachusetts, may be completed in 18 months with one semester in internship.  All of the programs build on the graduates’ academic work at the undergraduate level.  Special scholarships are available to alumni of Endicott College.




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