Nov 14, 2019  
2006-2007 Graduate and Professional Studies 
2006-2007 Graduate and Professional Studies [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

OTM 510 - Leadership in Transition and Creativity

(Cr: 3)
This course provides a vehicle for investigating the roles of leaders and managers in the process of organizational change to a depth and breadth suitable for a Master’s degree. The course is designed to enhance and extend students existing conceptual understanding of change management and transformational leadership and thereby develop their professional competence and contribution through a sustained and creative analytical approach. In particular it addresses the essential ambiguity and complexity of the organizational change process in terms of both theory and practice. It will focus on the roles of managers and leaders in the process of managing organizational change within a dynamic and turbulent environment. Students will develop as ‘thinking practitioners’ able to reflect upon and understand the implications of change within their specific organizational and professional contexts and therefore increase their ability to effectively contribute to the development of competitive advantage within their own organizations.