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2006-2007 Graduate and Professional Studies 
2006-2007 Graduate and Professional Studies [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Messages from the President and Vice President

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A Message from the President


Adult education is one of the most exciting and rewarding endeavors in which one can engage. We have all heard the term “life long learner,” which embodies a desire to “stay current and advance ourselves.” These phrases sound like truisms, but there is no more rewarding experience than to open doors and explore new opportunities. Our graduate and professional studies programs recognize this fact, and our accelerated programs, cohort groups, online education, and Bachelor and Master’s programs are tailor-made to meet the learning needs and life styles of adults.

As part of our commitment to life-long learning, Endicott made the establishment of a school for adult learners a priority when we developed goals for our capital campaign, The Campaign for Endicott College. Through the generosity and foresight of Endicott Trustee Bill Van Loan and his wife, Tia, Endicott was able to realize the dream of offering outstanding facilities that reinforce our strong commitment to your success. The William and Tia Van Loan School of Graduate and Professional Studies now offers a welcoming space for faculty, staff, and students studying in our adult programs. We hope you take advantage of all Endicott has to offer as you pursue your education with us.

Best wishes for your studies and your professional success.

Dr. Richard E. Wylie, President

A Message from the Vice President


The Van Loan School of Graduate and Professional Studies is pleased to share with you information regarding our program offerings. We encourage you to explore our high quality, adult-oriented educational programs as you pursue professional and personal growth.

Endicott’s graduate school was established in 1994 and awarded its first Master’s degrees in 1996. Since that time, program offerings and student enrollment have risen steadily. In the fall of 2003, we were pleased to move into our current facility, the William and Tia Van Loan School of Graduate and Professional Studies. This outstanding facility is conducive to the adult learner’s educational experience; and with a competent and dedicated group of professors, your journey to degree completion will be an enjoyable and beneficial one.

As an adult learner, you face many challenges to balance your work life, school commitment, and personal life. We strive to provide you with a rigorous but realistic opportunity for you to meet with success. Our “cohort” model of program delivery enables adult learners to learn from each other, while faculty serve as facilitators in making the connection of theory to practice.

I encourage you to review this catalog for admission requirements, program offerings, and other pertinent information. Should you, however, need additional information and/or clarification, please do not hesitate to call the Graduate School office.

My personal best wishes are extended to you as you pursue your degree at Endicott College.

Dr. Paul A. Squarcia,
Vice President of Graduate and Professional Studies

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