May 13, 2021  
2015-2016 Van Loan Catalog 
2015-2016 Van Loan Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Telephone Directory

Main College Number: (978) 927-0585

The following information may be useful to students pursuing studies at the Van Loan School. Visit the Faculty/Staff Directory page of our website for a complete listing of all College offices.

President’s Office
Dr. Richard E. Wylie, President
Ext. 2001

Academic Affairs
Dr. Laura Rossi-Le, Vice President and Dean of the Undergraduate College     
Ext. 2055

Lynne B. O’Toole, Executive Vice President and Vice President of Finance
Ext. 2030

Disability Services
Christy Galatis, Associate Director
Ext. 7746

Fees and Billing Bursar
Ext. 2035

Financial Aid
Marcia Toomey, Director of Financial Aid
Ext. 2060

Brian Courtemanche, Director
Ext. 2278

Licensure and Assessment, Education Programs
Michelle Mustone, Coordinator
Ext. 2097

Post Center/Athletics
Brian Wylie, Director of Athletics
Ext. 2440

Rosa Cadena, Registrar    
Ext. 2064

Writing Center
Dr. David DiSarro, Associate Dean, Academic Resources & Director, Writing Center
Ext. 2237

Van Loan School of Graduate and Professional Studies

Dr. Mary A. Huegel, Vice President and Dean of Graduate and Professional Studies     
Ext. 2084

Michael D. Andreas, Director, Homeland Security Studies
Ext. 2740

Anne Barbin, Associate Bursar
Ext. 2053

Richard F. Benedetto, Associate Dean of Management Programs and Associate Professor     
Ext. 2744

Marilin Berroa, Financial Aid Administrator Boston

Jill Buchanan, Director, Marketing and Enrollment
Ext. 7754

Susan Calhoun, Associate Director, RN to BSN Program
Ext. 7757

Dr. Steven Carber, International Academic Coordinator

Susan Cassell, Business Analyst
Ext. 2943

Dr. Lynne Celli, Associate Dean of Graduate Education

Myoung Joo Chun, Director, Graduate Interior Architecture/Assistant Professor      
Ext. 2545

Susan Crawford, Administrative Assistant
Ext. 2044

Anthony D’Onofrio, Associate Director of Athletic Administration
Ext. 7791

Dr. Michael F. Dorsey, Director, Institute for Behavioral Studies and Professor

Laura Douglass, Director, Professional Studies
Ext. 7750

Jodi Frithsen, Staff Assistant, Gloucester

Dr. Jo Ann Gammel, Director, Doctoral Program Educational Leadership, Higher Education

Dave Giarrusso, Assistant Director, Professional Studies
Ext. 2847

Lauren Gilligan, Assistant Director, Graduate Programs
Ext. 2233

TJ Hanratty, Director of Online Programs and Assistant Professor
Ext. 2832

Z. Annette Iglarsh, Administrator of Physical Therapy Program/Professor

Kara Jameson, Admissions Coordinator
Ext. 2201

Marcelo A. Juica, Director of Endicott Boston

William Kelly, Program Manager, Adult Bachelor’s Programs

Alicia Kessler, Staff Assistant
Ext. 5261

Dr. Enid E. Larsen, Assistant Dean of Academic Programs and Associate Professor
Ext. 2198

Jennifer Limongiello, Associate Director, Nurse Practitioner Program
Ext. 7653

Adrianne Louloudes, Associate Director, Master’s Nurse Practitioner
Ext. 7654

Linda Lugo-Israelson, Assistant to the Director of Enrollment
Ext. 2791

Dr. Joyce Lujan Martinez, International Education Advisor

Amy McInnis, Administrative Assistant, Management Programs
Ext. 3098

Ian Menchini, Director of Enrollment and Advising
Ext. 5292

Stephen M. Negrón, Assistant Registrar
Ext. 2047

Nitza Otero, Admissions Counselor, Boston Site

Richard A. Pacheco, Jr., Dean, Endicott College International Programs
In Spain:  +34 91 563 67 40 (6 hours ahead of East Coast time zone) 

Brian H. Pellinen, Academic Dean of Professional Studies and Boston/Assistant Professor
Ext. 2197

Allyson Penaloza, Assistant Director and Recruiter, The Institute for Behavioral Studies

Dr. Chrystal Denmark Porter, Associate Dean, Graduate School
Ext. 2817

Joanne Rakoc, Assistant Director of Financial Aid

Kevin Renz, Associate Dean of Interior Architecture
Ext. 2202

Mary-Ann Roberts, Assistant Director, Endicott College Boston

Dr. Emily Smith, Associate Director, Masters of Nursing Program    
Ext. 2332

Dr. Mary Jane Weiss, Director, Graduate Program in Autism/ABA Studies     

Richard G. Weissman, Director, Endicott College Gloucester and Center for Leadership and Assistant Professor
Ext. 2269

Dr. Charity Welch, Director of Graduate Education Programs

Catherine Woodbury, Assistant Bursar
Ext. 5242

Dr. Thomas Zane, Director, Special Education and Applied Behavior Analysis Program    

For general information on the Van Loan School of Graduate and Professional Studies, please call 978-232-2199 or visit us on the web at