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2010-2011 School of Graduate and Professional Studies Catalog 
2010-2011 School of Graduate and Professional Studies Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

General Information

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The Van Loan School of Graduate and Professional Studies


The Graduate School offers Master degree programs on both a full-time and part-time basis.   Associate and Bachelor degree completion programs for adults are also part of the School’s offerings.

Endicott College gained approval for its first graduate degree, a Master of Education, in 1995. In June 2001, Endicott received approval by the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education for a Master of Business Administration.  Endicott received approval by the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education in 2007 for the Master of Science in Information Technology and in 2009 for the Master of Science in Nursing, the Master of Arts in Interior Design, and the Master of Fine Arts in Interior Design.Professional development courses are also offered to individuals at various locations across the United States.  In spring 2009, the College was reviewed and approved for all of the educator preparation programs for licensure by the Massachusetts Department of Education.

Programs in Elementary Education, Reading and Literacy, Severe Special Needs, Special Needs, and a variety of fields are approved by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education for meeting teaching licensure requirements in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Professional development
courses are also offered to individuals at various locations across the United States.

The Center for Leadership offers corporate training and employee development programs.

All of the graduate programs are designed to serve the needs of professional adults by providing education at convenient time and locations.

Graduate and Professional Studies Mission Statement

Endicott has a vision for the total development of the adult learner within a community that fosters an appreciation of cultural diversity, international awareness, community service, and moral and ethical values. Endicott is an innovative and vibrant student-centered institution that supports collaborative learning as its premise.

Our graduate and professional studies programs meet the needs and demands of the adult learner. The value of your experience will be most beneficial if it is connected to practices and challenges that you face in your courses. We do all that we can to assure that your program will be rigorous, taking into account the challenges of being an adult learner.

Van Loan School  Philosophy Statement 

The Van Loan School of Graduate and Professional Studies works with adult, life-long learners, so that they can explore new opportunities in their professional and personal lives. The programs are often cohort-based, student-centered, accelerated, intensive, and tailored to meet the learning needs and the lifestyles of adult learners. With a focus on rigor and quality, the Van Loan School of Graduate and Professional Studies’ programs are designed to challenge students to grow intellectually and professionally. Our model of learning from each other through peer collaboration, with faculty as facilitators in interactive classes, is based on the notion that the graduate experience will be most fruitful if connected to practice and to the challenges each student faces in his or her career. Endicott College’s post-baccalaureate programs emphasize the interaction of theory and practice and the successful application of knowledge and competence in the professional domain.


Programs at the Van Loan School 


Undergraduate Degree Programs

The Van Loan School offers the Associate and Bachelor degree programs to working adults at the Beverly campus and at several sites throughout Massachusetts, including collaborations with military installations.

Associate in Arts 

The Associate in Arts degree is offered in:

  • Liberal Studies (Madrid only)

Associate in Science

The Associate in Science degree is offered in:

  • Business
  • Integrated Studies

Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science

The Bachelor of Arts degree is offered in:

  • Liberal Studies

The Bachelor of Science degree is offered in:

  • Business Administration
  • Psychology

Graduate Degree Programs

Graduate degree programs at the Van Loan School include:

Master of Arts in Interior Design

Master of Fine Arts in Interior Design

Master of Business Administration

Master of Education

The Master of Education degree is offered with the following specializations:

  • Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Arts and Learning
  • Athletic Administration
  • Elementary Education (licensure)
  • Integrative Education
  • International Education
  • International Education Administration
  • Montessori Education
  • Organizational Management
  • Reading and Literacy (licensure)
  • Severe Special Needs (licensure)
  • Special Needs (licensure)

Elementary Education, Reading and Literacy, Severe Special Needs, and Special Needs programs are approved by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education for meeting teaching licensure requirements in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Master of Science in Information Technology

Master of Science in Nursing

Endicott Online

Through Endicott’s online courses, students approach course material through a variety of media, surrounded by nearly limitless resources.  PowerPoint lectures, streaming video and audio, posted documents and images, and guided links to additional resources all help to create a stimulating multidimensional learning experience.  The many ways in which students respond to the material and each other enhances this many-layered approach to learning: threaded discussions allow for thoughtful contributions to ongoing class discussions; real-time chat sessions make it easy for students to interact with their professor and peers much as they would in a classroom setting; uploading assignments and sharing feedback opens up new perspectives and contributes to the creation of close, supportive online communities.  All of the elements that make a successful, dynamic learning experience appear in one central online class environment, continually updated and archived for later use.

Available during the fall and spring semesters as well as during the winter intersession and summer session, online courses are a convenient way for students to meet educational goals.

Since online courses are accessed through students’ computers and Internet connections, it is important for students to have the proper computer configuration. Minimum technical requirements include a high speed Internet connection, an operating system of Windows XP or later for PCs or OS X Version 10.4 (“Tiger”) and later for Macs, and at least 2 GB of RAM. Students may request a PDF of the Technical Requirements for Online Courses for
detailed information.

Corporate Degree Completion Programs

Endicott College’s Van Loan School of Graduate and Professional Studies offers opportunities for employees of Massachusetts businesses to earn their degrees on-site at their place of employment or in a convenient nearby location. Degree programs are tailored to the needs and educational experiences of the employees and can take students from no credits to an Associate degree to a Bachelor degree. An Accelerated Bachelor Degree Completion program is also available to students with significant college experience. Graduate School personnel will work with Human Resources Directors to design a program specific to the needs of companies.

The Center for Leadership

The Center for Leadership offers programs for professional development for educators and individuals in the corporate world.

Summer Session

The Summer Session offers an array of undergraduate and graduate courses during the summer months at the Beverly campus. Both day and evening courses are available. Traditional classroom courses are offered in five or six week sessions, many online courses are available, and graduate intensive one-week institutes and courses are also taught. Courses held in the summer months are taught by either full-time faculty of Endicott and area colleges or adjunct faculty employed by businesses, non-profit organizations, and consulting firms.

The Learning Environment 


Collaborative Learning Using the Cohort Model

Building on Endicott College’s strength as a leading institution in adult learning, the post-baccalaureate programs employ a collaborative, team-based approach to teaching and learning. The cohort model is one by which a group of students begins, progresses through, and completes a course of study together. In the Endicott post-baccalaureate programs, students are admitted into cohort groups of approximately 15–20. This cohort approach creates a rich environment of peer learning and collaboration. The cohort model emphasizes and reinforces both team building and teamwork as critical functions of individuals and organizations. Most students finish a program within 20–24 months. Courses are offered online, in the evenings, on weekends, and during week-long sessions in the summer for the convenience of professional adults.

Collaborative Learning and Group Work

Collaborative learning and small group interaction with out-of-class project/presentation development is one of the integral parts of accelerated graduate programs. Each of the three-credit courses has a component in which members of the cohort meet outside class to develop new learning experiences and complete group assignments that are part of each course. These out-of-class meetings are required and, in addition to the four hour per week classes, constitute approximately one half of the programmed learning experience.

Peer (student) evaluations of the group may be utilized as part of the grading process by the instructor. Each member of a small group is responsible for the totality of the group outcome and should be intimately familiar with all phases of the group project/paper.

Convenient Locations


Flexible Locations/Off-Campus Sites

Endicott’s Graduate School programs are offered on campus in Beverly and at selected off-site locations to be more convenient for adult learners. 

Master’s Degree - Off-Campus Sites:

Boston, Massachusetts                              Fisher College and Finance
Boston, Massachusetts                              Harvard Vanguard
Boston, Massachusetts                              New England College of Business
Boston, Massachusetts                             
United States Coast Guard
Brockton, Massachusetts                           Brockton High School
Franklin, Massachusetts                             Massachusetts Secondary School Principals Association
Waltham, Massachusetts                           Education Collaborative for greater Boston (EDCO)

International Sites:

Island of Bermuda                                     Bermuda
Leysin, Switzerland                                   American School of Leysin
Madrid, Spain                                            College of International Studies
Mexico City, Mexico                                    Endicott College Mexico City Campus
Prague, Czech Republic                             American School of Prague

Undergraduate Degrees - Off-campus Sites:

Jonesport, Maine                                       United States Coast Guard
Southwest Harbor, Maine                          United States Coast Guard
Ayer, Massachusetts                                  Ft. Devens Army National Guard
Bedford, Massachusetts                            VA Medical Center
Boston, Massachusetts                             U.S. Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS)
Boston, Massachusetts                             United States Coast Guard
Bourne, Massachusetts                             Massachusetts Military Reservation
Brockton, Massachusetts                          Brockton High School
Framingham, Massachusetts                     Army National Guard Center
Milford, Massachusetts                             Joint Force Headquarters, MA Army National Guard
Portsmouth, New Hampshire                     United States Coast Guard Station Fort Point 
Burlington, Vermont                                  Burlington Coast Guard Station

Certificate Program in Applied Behavior Analysis - Off-campus Sites:

Andover, Massachusetts                             Melmark New England, Inc.
Bedford, Massachusetts                              Nashoba Learning Group
Beverly, Massachusetts                               North Shore Educational Consortium
Hingham, Massachusetts                             South Shore Educational Collaborative
Natick, Massachusetts                                 ACCEPT Educational Collaborative
Woburn, Massachusetts                              Woburn High School

A Global Perspective

Capitalizing on Endicott’s international programs in Bermuda, Leysin, Switzerland; Madrid, Spain; and Mexico City, Mexico, the post-baccalaureate programs incorporate a global perspective in the curriculum, enhancing classroom activities with diversity and multicultural components and comparisons

Learning Resources


Planning and Evaluation

The members of the Van Loan School of Graduate and Professional Studies play an integral role in Endicott College’s strategic planning process.  The Vice President and Dean of the Graduate School is a member of the President’s Council. The Curriculum Committee is chaired by the Dean of the Graduate School and represented by the graduate program directors, deans in the Undergraduate College, and full-time faculty. Any graduate program changes, initiatives, or changes in delivery methods are approved and supported by the Dean and the President’s Council.

Physical and Technological Resources

The Van Loan School of Graduate and Professional Studies is located on Endicott’s South Campus at the Wylie Conference Center with spacious classrooms, a computer lab, office space, student lounges, and conference facilities.

Off-campus sites utilize school district resource rooms, computer labs, and electronic resources, along with the Endicott’s Halle Library and computer labs. Students are provided with student identification cards that allow them to use the Halle Library, computer labs, and the Post Fitness Center. Students are also provided with instructions for electronic access to the bookstore. Library and bookstore hours are posted on Endicott’s website.


GullNet is the Endicott College’s Learning Management System that allows students, faculty, and staff to collaborate and communicate in a variety of ways within courses and other approved campus departments and groups. This feature-rich platform is accessed directly through the Endicott College website homepage at GullNet, which is password protected, is fully supported by the Endicott College IT organization.  This includes six student-dedicated TI lines, a fully staffed Help Desk, 24/7 monitoring, and round the clock technical support with remote problem solving capabilities.

GullNet creates an interactive teaching and learning environment. The instructor facilitates and directs this environment through the use of the following activities and functions:

     •  Post syllabi, lectures, class notes, and presentations

     •  Deliver online assignments

     •  Conduct online exams

     •  Post pertinent web links and other related course resources

     •  Build and monitor virtual study groups

     •  Post and moderate class discussion questions

     • Communicate to the entire class through the message board

     • Hold chat sessions

     • Post grades in the online grade book

 The Halle Library and Other Learning Resources

The Diane Meyers Halle Library at Endicott College supports the curriculum with approximately 120,000 volumes, over 48,000 licensed database unique e-journal titles, over 100 active print periodical subscriptions, several thousand microforms and various media and audio-visual resources. 

Numerous online, full-text library-licensed journal databases support the graduate studies curriculum, including Academic Search Premier, ARTstor, ACM Digital Library, Building Green, Business Source Premier, CINAHL Plus with Full Text, Econ Lit with Full Text, Education Research Complete, Educator’s Reference Complete, Emerald, ERIC, Health Source: Nursing/ Academic Edition, Medline, MLA Directory of Periodicals & MLA International Bibliography, PsychARTICLES, SocINDEX with Full Text, Lexis/Nexis Academic, SPORTDiscus, Wilson Education Full Text and many others.

The Halle Library is open 96.5 hours per week during the academic year to support the academic community. Professional reference staff provides both individual assistance and group instruction to assist students with their current research and information needs and to develop information literacy skills that will facilitate lifelong learning. Via in-person, telephone, and online means, reference services are available to both local and distance learners.

In addition to resources immediately available at Halle Library, Endicott College is a member of the North of Boston Library Exchange (NOBLE), a consortium of 28 public and academic libraries collectively holding 3.1 million volumes available to members of participating institutions. Daily delivery service among NOBLE member libraries expedites the transfer of material owned by those libraries and requested by members of the Endicott community. On-site reciprocal borrowing privileges are also available.

The Halle Library is also a participating member of the Massachusetts Statewide Virtual Catalog, enabling patrons to access additional millions of volumes across the Commonwealth. Funded by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners, the Statewide Virtual Catalog enables patrons to search across multiple Massachusetts library catalogs and consortiums to locate desired titles, which are then sent via inter-library loan to the destination
library for pick-up.

For materials located beyond state borders, the Halle Library is also an active member of OCLC, the Online Computer Library Center, which includes over 71,000 libraries in 112 countries and territories. OCLC member libraries make up the largest global library consortium, enabling Endicott College students and faculty to locate and acquire library materials across the world.
The Dean of Academic Resources oversees resources for students that include information resources and services, technology and academic support programs.   Tutoring services in all disciplines on an individualized and group basis are offered.   The Writing Lab is also available to all Endicott students, providing feedback on papers and other written work.  Students with documented disabilities are assisted and accommodations are made as needed.  In 2007 an Advising Center was established to support the faculty in advising undergraduate students.

Tuition and Fees at the Van Loan School, 2010-11



Bachelor degree courses $273/credit = $819/course
M.Ed. degree courses $350/credit = $1,050/course
M.B.A. / M.S.I.T. degree courses $525/credit = $1,575/course
M.A. / M.F.A. in Interior Design degree courses $550/credit = $1,650/course
M.S. in Nursing degree courses $550/credit = $1,650/course
Applied Behavior Analysis Certificate $425/credit = $1,275/course
GPS audit fee for three-credit courses:  
Undergraduate $100/course
Graduate $130/course
M.B.A. $195/course

Note: The College may have different tuition models for various regional and international sites. Each site has a written tuition statement. Please request a copy of that statement as part of the admission process.

Fee Schedule for Resident Students

Housing (standard) $8,578/year ($1,500 additional for a single room, if applicable)
Parking Registration Fees                         
      Full -time Resident 
Health Insurance Fee (optional) * $1,130/ year
Meal Plans (optional, per semester)
     Cost depends on meal plan chosen

$1,280 - $1,905/semester


* The Massachusetts Universal Health Care Program requires all students registered for nine credit hours or more to have this coverage. This health insurance charge may be waived upon proof of comparable coverage and completion of the waiver form. The waiver form must be completed online at Failure to complete this form will result in a charge of $1,130.00.

Other Fees

Application fee - undergraduate program $    25.00
Application fee - graduate program $    50.00
Undergraduate registration fee $    25.00
Late registration/late payment fee $    50.00
Returned check fee $    40.00
Materials fee will be noted in the course description.  
M.B.A. curricular fee ♦ $1,350.00
APL assessment fee (in addition to APL tuition)   $   750.00
APL extension fee $     75.00
Graduation fee $   200.00
Transcript fee $        6.00/each


Full payment is required at the time of registration.

♦  Please Note:  Students enrolled in an Endicott M.B.A. program, exclusive of the Online M.B.A. program, are subject to a nonrefundable Curricular Fee that made be paid in two installments during the first two semesters of enrollment. Only students accepted into the Online M.B.A. program who complete the entire program online are exempt from this fee.

Students who combine online and in-classroom instruction are subject to the Curricular Fee. Students must receive prior approval from the Dean of the M.B.A. Program, the Online M.B.A. Director, and the Vice President and Dean of Graduate and Professional Studies if they wish to combine program
deliveries and/or schedules.


Registration (including payment of tuition and fees) must be completed and received by the Van Loan School of Graduate and Professional Studies by the start date of the course. Students who are members of a cohort should be prepared to register for their next cohort course on the last night of the current course. Registrations not received by the start date of the course are subject to a mandatory $50 per course late fee.

Registration for courses is the responsibility of the student. Non-availability of a site coordinator (off-campus) or a GPS representative to register students in class does not absolve the student of the responsibility to register for courses on time. Registration for courses may be completed by mail (as long as it arrives at the Endicott College, Van Loan School of Graduate and Professional Studies prior to the start of the first class in a course). Registration may also be completed using a credit card (MasterCard, Visa, or AmEx) by phone, (978-232-2199) or (978-232-2044), or by fax (978-232-3000).

Endicott College undergraduate, full-time students are required to have a permission form signed by the Dean of their major and the Vice President and Dean of the Undergraduate College, approving their courses, before registration for Graduate School courses may occur.


Withdrawal from a Course

Withdrawal from a course must be requested in writing and delivered to the Graduate School’s office of the Registrar. Refunds are permitted according to the date the withdrawal request is received. Failure to officially withdraw from a course once it has begun will result in a grade of “F” on the College transcript.

Financial Aid


Financial assistance is available for eligible students through Endicott College.  To qualify for financial aid, a student must be a United States citizen or eligible non-citizen, be enrolled in an approved program, and be in good academic standing. The family contribution is determined by submitting the Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA).  (Endicott’s FAFSA code is 002148.) All students must reapply for financial aid each year and must maintain satisfactory academic progress to remain eligible.

Students should contact the Endicott College financial aid office for information on how to start the process of applying for financial aid.  The telephone number of the financial aid office is 978-998-7715.  Prior to applying for financial aid, a student must be matriculated in a degree program. 

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