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2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

International Business Major (Bachelor of Science)

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The international business major gives students the opportunity to examine the complex challenges that face managers when organizations and products cross national borders. The overall program is structured to develop basic managerial competencies as well as the specialized skills, knowledge, and perspectives required to become effective decision makers in the global marketplace. The increasing demand for employees with expertise in international business follows directly from the number of businesses, including firms of all sizes, moving into the international trade and investment arena.

Endicott is committed to providing students in the international business major with the foreign language and intercultural competencies necessary to succeed in today’s interdependent global business community. Foreign language courses that use the latest communicative methodologies and overseas study and internship opportunities are designed to complement the international business curriculum. Students in international business are required to pursue two years of college-level foreign language study or to demonstrate an equivalent proficiency in a language other than English. They likewise are strongly encouraged to spend a minimum of one semester in a country other than their home, either in a study abroad or internship experience.

Curriculum Requirements - Total Credits Required: 125-126

Freshman - Credits: 32-33

  • Aesthetic Awareness and Creative Expression General Education Requirement  (Cr: 3)
  • Science and Technology General Education Requirement  (Cr: 3-4)
  • World Cultures General Education Requirement  (Cr: 3)

Sophomore - Credits: 32

  • Individual and Society General Education Requirement  (Cr: 3)
  • Literary Perspectives General Education Requirement  (Cr: 3)
  • General Education Elective  (Cr: 3)

Junior - Credits: 31

  • Values and Ethical Reasoning General Education Requirement  (Cr: 3)
  • International Business Electives  (Cr: 9)
  • General Education Elective  (Cr: 3)

Senior - Credits: 30

  • International Business Elective  (Cr: 3)
  • General Education Electives  (Cr: 6)

International Business Electives

International business students must also complete two years of foreign language study at the college level or demonstrate an equivalent proficiency in a language other than English.

Choose four from the following:

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the international business program, students will:

  • Demonstrate the analytical and problem solving skills needed to solve complex challenges in international business.
  • Calculate and interpret quantitative data effectively.
  • Evaluate evidence systematically in developing solutions to international business problems.
  • Demonstrate the critical inquiry and analysis skills needed to engage constructively in intellectual discourse within the international business arena.
  • Communicate effectively in oral and written form within the conventions of international business.
  • Apply a range of business ‘best practices’ in a professional international business environment.

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