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2011-2012 School of Graduate and Professional Studies Catalog 
2011-2012 School of Graduate and Professional Studies Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Special Needs: Professional Licensure in Severe Disabilities (All)

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The 36-credit program satisfies the requirements for the Appropriate Master’s Degree in Severe Disabilities and prepares special needs teachers who already possess an Initial License in the field with a program of study that prepares them to be eligible for Professional Licensure in the State of Massachusetts at all grade levels. The Appropriate Master’s Degree focuses on:
• The study of advanced-level subject matter and teaching methods focused on the assessment and support of the students with severe disabilities; and
• An in-depth examination of research methods, policy analysis, leadership, the social history of American education, and the foundations of student aspirations.

Preparing practicing teachers to build a deeper understanding of the field in which they teach, the Appropriate Master’s Degree also provides educators with an opportunity to  understand the trends in 21st century American education that have an impact on their students, schools, and lives as teachers.

Prerequisite: Possession of a Massachusetts Initial License in Severe Disabilities (All Levels).

Plus comprehensive Examination

Total degree requirements 36 cr.

 + Courses provided advanced level coursework focused on the learning needs of children with severe disabilities at all grade levels.

Completion Requirements

To exit the Appropriate Master’s Degree program, students must successfully complete all of the required courses and, where relevant, the required fieldwork and the comprehensive examination.

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