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2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

International Studies

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The Bachelor of Arts in International Studies prepares students to be leaders in an increasingly interdependent global community and to pursue advanced degrees and careers in international law, diplomacy, politics, and business, The program also prepares students for careers with governmental and non-governmental organizations whose work addresses human rights, economic development, sustainability, conflict resolution, and other pressing global needs. Through a multidisciplinary lens, students are asked to look critically at the issues facing nations today. All students in the program develop foundational knowledge of the field in courses such as Introduction to International Studies, World Geography, and Intercultural Communication. They are also required to take a minimum of four semesters of foreign language, spend a semester abroad, and complete internships that have a clear international dimension, whether they occur abroad or in the United States. Students develop expertise in an aspect of international studies by satisfying either the “World Affairs Focus Areas” requirement (at least four courses in International Politics, Governance, and Security; Culture and Globalization; International Business, Economics, and Development; Global Health and Sustainability; or an approved focus area proposed by the student), or the “Regional Focus Areas” requirement (at least two courses focusing on, and a semester studying abroad in, Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, or the Middle East).

Students in the international studies major are encouraged to plan their language courses and study abroad experiences as early as possible in their academic careers through consultation with their advisors, the chair of humanities within the School of Arts and Sciences, and the Office of International Education. First-year students are strongly urged to participate in a January internship/study abroad program offered by the College.

International Studies for International Students

International students should fulfill either the study abroad requirement or internship requirement in countries where their native language is not the primary language. Those students for whom English is their second language should take English courses or a third language in order to satisfy the foreign language requirement.

Students who have spent at least two years at an international institution of higher education may consider their time in the United States to be “abroad,” and any internships they complete while enrolled at the Beverly campus may be considered “international.”

Extended Overseas Options:

Students are strongly encouraged to pursue more than the minimum required time abroad. Students can elect to spend up to five semesters overseas by availing themselves of several options or any combination thereof. Students may spend up to two years at Endicott’s branch campus in Spain and/or at any of Endicott’s approved study abroad sites. The list of sites is continuously updated on the international studies website: studyabroad.endicott.edu. In addition, students may complete their semester-long internships throughout the world through distance learning technologies under the supervision of an Endicott faculty member. Students (other than those who begin their studies on Endicott’s campus in Spain) are expected to spend at least the first year and final semester in residence
in Beverly.

Examples of Internships include:

Amnesty International
Centro Presente
French Alliance
Foreign service
International education agencies and college offices
International Institute
Local consulates
Refugee resettlement agencies
United Nations Association of Greater Boston
Washington Internship Institute
World Affairs Council

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