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2009-2010 School of Graduate and Professional Studies Catalog with Addendum 
2009-2010 School of Graduate and Professional Studies Catalog with Addendum [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

NUR 532 - Administration: Practice and Quality Outcomes

(Cr: 3)
Quality indicators and continuous quality improvement are the standards by which healthcare is measured in terms of outcomes. Third party payers, regulatory agencies, and consumers are addressing access to care, cost, preventing accidents and illnesses as part of the quality in receiving services. Nurse-led care can improve outcomes.  This course is designed to inform and assist nurse administrators and leaders in understanding the role nurses play in meeting cost-effective health outcomes.  Managers can then in turn influence staff nurses and others as to how important their role is in achieving quality care through improvement mechanisms.  Course content will cover AHARQ’s Quality indicators, patient safety issues, competencies in the care of the older adult, evidence related to nursing-sensitive patient outcomes that respond to nursing interventions, models to ensure quality improvement on a unit, and findings related to quality and health disparities in the United States. Included in this course will be information on the IOM and work related to patient safety.