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2009-2010 School of Graduate and Professional Studies Catalog with Addendum 
2009-2010 School of Graduate and Professional Studies Catalog with Addendum [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

NUR 508 - Role Development Within Professional Organizations

(Cr: 3)
Students will learn how to function effectively within an organization including the use of the ANA or NLN standards, ethical principles, professional values and beliefs as a framework for nursing practice. The purpose of this core course seminar is to engage students in the process of role development as an educator or upper level nurse administrator in any setting. It is important for nurses to first explore these roles and to identify their career goals. The student will engage in advanced exploration and analysis of nursing leadership, informatics, education, care management, cultural competence, ethical dilemmas and fiscal and human resource allocation in various organizational environments. Students will examine organizational environments to address quality initiatives within interdisciplinary settings. The course will also focus on the nurse as a change agent by developing a comprehensive plan to address a professional issue, implementing collegial interdisciplinary relationships within an organization, and identifying the role of the nurse to perform life-long learning by engaging in scholarship.