Mar 25, 2019  
2008-2009 Undergraduate Catalog 
2008-2009 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

School of Arts and Sciences

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Arts and Sciences programs are designed to offer breadth and depth, combining the advantages of a liberal arts education with practical, professional experience in exciting and important new fields. Through the Arts and Sciences, students learn to think independently, develop problem-solving and methodological skills, and communicate effectively. Learning about the world through our humanities, social sciences, science, math and technology academic disciplines enables the student to excel in any career field.

Hands-on experience through internships offers Arts and Sciences majors distinct academic and professional advantages. Students interested in psychology or human services experience work in a variety of social service settings including telephone hotlines, social work agencies, drug rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, and more. Those interested in writing do so at newspapers or in publishing firms. All levels of government welcome interns interested in criminal justice, history, and political science. Settings ranging from conservation centers to biotechnology or pharmaceutical companies can be rewarding internship sites for those interested in the sciences.  Those engaged in computer science practice their skills at multimedia companies, web development firms, and in the gaming industry.

The practical work experience gained through internships prepares students for life after graduation, whether they choose to launch a career right away in any number of growing fields or pursue further study in graduate or professional school. Arts and Sciences graduates are law enforcement specialists, social workers, community activists, computer programmers, biological and environmental researchers, teachers, writers…leaders within their communities. Professional and internship opportunities are limited only by the imagination of the student.

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